Hey there! My name is Sofia and I help creating audiovisual content.
Life dragged me into production a few years ago and now I am addicted to it. I have specialised in documentaries and commercials, working mostly for international clients who want to shoot in Spain. I have recently took my first steps into fiction though, helping shooting a few short films and a feature. Here you can find a selection of works I have been involved with recently so you can see what I do.
I have been lucky enough to be surrounded with beautiful individuals who happen to be extremely talented professionals too. With my friend, Stylist and all time collaborator Cris Pastor we do a bunch of different stuff, from script consulting (reviews and analysis from a decolonial, feminist perspective) to events. The dream team is completed with DOP Arturo Fons (founder of Fonktown and The Fixer in Spain) and Director Ernesto Arnal.
When I am not on set, I'd be suntanning at the beach, walking my dogs or travelling somewhere remote. So go ahead, drop me a line and let's collaborate in your future project. Stay in touch!